The importance of branding

The importance of branding

Global brand icons such as Coca-cola, Apple and Google are firmly embedded in virtually everyone’s minds to the point where we only need see part of the logo to recognise it instantly. There are probably a few dozen others that are part of this group of world-class brands.

Many have been around for decades with hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually to ensure they remain at the forefront of consumer decision-making, resulting in brands that are worth billions of dollars.

That adds up to a lot of pressure when you set out to create a brand from scratch. How do you make your products stand out in the hyper-competitive men’s skincare sector? I have a creative streak in me, as well as some experience of aesthetics and branding from previous roles, that certainly helps. I’m also extremely stubborn and that has helped me stick with my goal of trying to reinvent our category by not following the ultra-butch examples already in the market, or copying how female skincare brands are brought to market.

Instead we want to create something that is really straightforward. Our brand positioning is characterised as ‘a simple path to looking and feeling better.’ This stems from a fundamental belief I have that men like to be told what to do and for those instructions to be super simple. That is not to undermine male intelligence; I think it’s just a part of most men’s psyche.

Our brand name underscores our positioning; Regimen denotes a sense of straightforwardness. As I’ve said previously, men do not want to spend hours in the bathroom but 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a day will make a significant difference to how they look and feel. The ‘Cary’ part, by the way, is a nod to Hollywood’s leading men.

Our positioning has filtered into everything we do, particularly product development. I’m really proud of the solution-driven range we’ve created that reliably targets key areas where men need help, such as under their eyes.

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