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Matteo did not have the ordinary journey of settling into the cosmetic world. Starting off as a passionate project to create products for himself, Matteo wants a brand that captures and represents men’s needs.

Matteo Chung Cary Regimen Founder

Let's talk about skincare

Throughout the years, Matteo has always found it difficult to find skincare that was both relatable and simple to use, there’s no denying that the options made from men’s perspectives are limited.  

Our approach to skincare is anti-fatigue and visible results. Our skincare range promises to deliver natural day time coverage while promoting overall skincare health.

Matteo wants to reimagine the way men can use cosmetics products, which can be both beneficial to the physical and mental well-being of individuals. 

"It takes 500 small details to add up to one favorable impression"

- Cary Grant

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From passion to reality

Skincare means different things to different people, we are here to create a collective experience.

CARY aims to spread awareness that a good skincare routine not only helps to improve the appearance of the skin but also promotes overall health and wellness. It's important for individuals to recognize that taking care of their skin is not a sign of weakness or vanity, but rather a part of self-care and self-respect. By taking care of their skin, we can all can feel more confident and take a step towards presenting their best selves to the world.

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