The Best Morning Skincare Routine Scientifically Proven for Men

The Best Morning Skincare Routine Scientifically Proven for Men

Are you a person who wakes up, splashes water on your face, and dabs it dry quickly to get ready for work? In these 8-10 seconds, however, you barely wash away any dirt and oil, nor do you keep your face refreshed enough to prevent acne and skin irritation. All men should invest in their skincare regimen and self-confidence, and their routines couldn’t be simpler than involving just 2 steps – cleansing and moisturising. Read on to explore the skincare needs of men vs women and the best morning routines for keeping clear and healthy skin.

Men vs Women: Skincare Needs

Compared to women, men produce more sebum that often blocks the pores with dirt and dead skin cells, resulting in acne. Their skin is also 25% thicker and makes it difficult for facial products to penetrate fully. Hence, in most of their morning routines, they need hard-hitting skin products with deep cleansing properties to address their skin concerns and enhance skincare penetration. For instance, a study conducted by Skinmed has proved the efficacy of a three-step men’s morning skincare regimen in improving skin smoothness, clarity, and fine lines. So, never underestimate the importance of men’s skincare!

Morning Skincare Tips: Baseline Regimen

The basic skincare routines for men really involve just two steps, cleansing and moisturising, which are fundamental to clearing your pores and locking moisture to unveil a natural, healthy-looking complexion.

1. Cleanse

While you sleep at night, oil and sweat accumulates on your skin, coupled with bacteria and grime found on your pillow. A face wash helps you lift away these impurities and keep your pores free from build-up that may lead to blackheads and whiteheads. Cleansing is an important tip for awakening men’s skin in the morning, keeping it clear and refreshed to receive the full benefits of the subsequent skincare routines.

To tackle the excessive sebum produced by men, Cary’s Botanical Extract Hydrating Cleanser (Coming Soon) is specially curated to provide deep cleansing for sensitive skin while leaving it clean and fresh. It is enriched with C-RemedialTM Complex to dissolve impurities without stripping your skin of vital moisture, as well as witch hazel that helps relieve irritation and acne breakouts.

2. Moisturise

After cleansing, men often experience tight dry skin because their surface sebum is washed off. Moisturiser helps hydrate and soften your skin, and beyond that, it strengthens the defensive barrier functions. It is an essential skincare routine for nourishing fragile, fresh skin in the morning and locking in natural moisture to firm and plump your complexion. Without moisturiser, your skin easily gets dry, irritated, and vulnerable to redness, wrinkles and fine lines.

Cary’s Multi-Function Tinted Moisturizer (Coming Soon) is designed for men seeking daily face protection and deep hydration. It comes in 2 adjustable tints, warm and natural, to brighten your skin and neutralise redness respectively. It also features essential SPF, which protects your skin from UV rays and premature aging, working in synergy with the anti-oxidising squalane to promote hydration and ease skin damages.

Morning Skincare Tips: Advanced Routines

Once you master the baseline regimen, you can introduce more products into your morning skincare routines to target specific skin concerns. For instance, apply eye cream to protect the thin, delicate under eye area to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as minimise dark circles. Cary’s Under Eye Correction Tinted Eye Cream also comes in 2 tinted shades to brighten your eye areas and is enriched with hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts to give your eyes a firmer and lifted look.

You can put on face serum before moisturiser to achieve a youthful, healthy complexion. Other morning skincare routines include deep cleansing and using nourishing face masks, exfoliating, applying acne and dark spot treatments, etc.

Create Your Simple Morning Skincare Routines at Cary

Cary offers natural, healthy skincare for modern men of all skin types. Experience natural transformation with our fuss-free skincare products. Our hydrating cleanser and tinted moisturiser are coming soon.

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