We are solution-driven skincare.

We want to reimagine the way men take care of themselves.

We are CARY.

Cary deconstructed

Founded in 2020, when the human connection was crippled by social distancing. The only thing we dreamt of was traveling with friends and family. CARY is inspired by the tan and healthy vacation glow. CARY’s skincare should capture the sensory experience of touch, smell and feel, starting and ending your day like you are on vacation.

Throughout our efforts in reinventing men’s skincare, we have curated a range of straightforward and multifunctional products that are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Aside from our tinted coverage, our heavily tested products are formulated according to international standards to promote skin hydration and replenishment in long term.

Your essentials in one place

Comfort in our own skin, embracing the pores, the impurities, the discoloration with confidence, knowing that every moment is an opportunity to create a better and more authentic, self.

We Did Our Research

In CARY, we only use ingredients that are both safe and effective. Our R&D team inspects all ingredients thoroughly before formulating them so that you can sit back and have peace of mind while using CARY.

No one wants to put harmful ingredients onto their face; therefore, we resist any trace of heavy metal or pesticide residues in our products and always carefully batch-testing them before delivering to your doors.

For your best experience, we ensure all developed products are of high-quality standards at all times and are rigorously tested to meet the standards of international markets (EU-certificate pending) to ensure product safety and efficacy. We are conscious of the earth and the environment around us. From sourcing and producing to packaging, we are always working hard to do the least damage possible to minimize our carbon footprint through processing.