From Scrolling to Strolling:  4 Simple steps to practice mindfulness

From Scrolling to Strolling: 4 Simple steps to practice mindfulness

Now that Cary has been launched, the question on my mind is what's next? I find myself in a position where I am very data-driven, measuring our performance to match the expectations I had in my head. I am dealing with a feeling that I cannot describe. Is it anxiety? Did I do a good job? When I have questions in my head, I always try to find the simplest way to tackle a problem and detach it from personal feelings. What I realised is that post-launch is actually the time I need to take a step back and enjoy the process.

We live in a world where we are so plugged in digitally, and every aspect of what we do can be translated into an algorithm. Most apps are now designed to grab our attention instead of being purely functional. You can upload photos, update a status, and get your likes in just a matter of seconds. We even have wellbeing apps, from meditation to inspirational quotes, to counteract the anxiety we have. 

Undeniably, the digital landscape has altered our behavior, and we find it harder to focus as we are constantly requiring stimulants. We have become multitaskers, but research has shown it makes us more distractible and prone to errors. We often say yes, when in fact we should say no and be more selective with our time. We have somehow lost the most basic human touch. Do you remember the good old days without smartphones? (Yes, I am a millennial.)

I have decided to slow down and undo all the habits I learned from the new digital world. I am going to:

1) do tasks one by one,
2) put my phone away,
3) write things down.
4) spend more time with people & social interaction.

I do not want to set unrealistic goals; I just want to do everything with intention. From a personal level, this is better for my mental well-being, and from a business level, Cary needs to translate our mission into action and plans, even if it means doing this day by day, bit by bit. Only through changing your external environment can you really make an impact. As challenging as it is to be an entrepreneur, I enjoy the process of learning and understanding. After all, if we slow down but have no missions or goals, then what are we living for?

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